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Capo Gramignazzi


isola-salina-capo-gramignazziAfter leaving the Santa Marina territory you come to the pretty little village of Capo Gramignazzi, one of the two hamlets of Malfa.

This is probabily the village in which there are the most votive churches (and at one time many more existed that have vanished). In addition to the official church dedicated to St Anne (the patrons saint of Capo), next to which there is a votive cross of the Passionist Fathers, there are othe older ones. One of these, again dedicated to st. Anne, dates from the 18th century and was used as a cemetery untill relatively recent times. As already mentioned, there are others, including a chapel known in the 19th century as the Vasquez Chapel, also dedicated to St.l Anne (bearing witness to a very heartfelt cult and faith); one exception is the San Pietro chuch (also from the eighteenthcentury) which gave the name to a district of Capo. This was once the fishermen's church, and indeed it is at the top of a charming stone road that once took fishermen to a little beach where they built warehouse, hewing them out in the tufa. The spectacular nature of this road is not second to those of pre-Columbian origin. The road almost winds in the air, taking the lucky visitor lower and lower, into a big valley where a luxuriant nature reigns and time seems to have stopped. All the churches are protected as ethno-anthropological heritage. At capo you can admire La Torricella, a very high rock that is actually the interior lava of a volcano. The outer cone crumbled a long time ago and the solidified magma was left. In this area there are also a lot of vineyards, from which excellent wine and malvasia (malmsey) is obtained.

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