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The monument of Malfa
Capo Gramignazzi
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This is the village that probably gave the name to malvasia. In this place there are still a lot of small local producers that with great sacrifices try to keep the product natural, fighting against indiscriminate industrial production that has made it unnatural.

When you look out on the sea you notice that all the coast, from Capo to Pollara, forms a sort of immense anphitheatre hewn out in the stone. As there is no commercial harbour, Malfa has the advantage, together with its two hamlets, of having the clearest sea on the island. The village, in sum, is a sort of uncut pearl, whose value increase if it is held in the hands of a person that can really appreciate it and loves tranquillity and contemplation. In the area called "Scario", there is a big pebble beach. You get to it along a very beautiful road, also a stne one, from which you can admire the sea and a large part of the Amalfi coast. Magnificent! Moreover on the beach just mentioned, you ca see the walls of the old warehouse of Malfa's fishermen. This has been made a protected area. At one time, when the beach was made up of fine sand, the sailing boats were drawn up here that traded with Naples and other places on the Campania Coast.

It was from one of these voyages that there began the tradition of the feast of St. Joseph, which is gloriously celebrated by the people of Malfa on 19 March and draws more and more people. Way back in 1835 a sailing boat was caught in a storm and the members of the crew vowed to St. Joseph that if they returned home safe and sound they would give what they had on board to the poor. And so it was. It was a story with a happy ending which has been constantly evoked since then. Every year local people prepare some dishes and typical sweetmeats, which are placed on a big table and distributed to peopte. At this table there sit some local people representing the Holy Family, dressed in the costumes of ancient Palestine.

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